Newbox Euro Tote Boxes

Conductive polypropylene tote boxes,stackable in EURO format (400x300mm and 600x400mm).
Surface resistivity: < 10^6 ╬ęDelivery time; partially stock item / ask for delivery time.
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Newbox Storage 300x200mm 3- Sizes

Newbox Storage 400x300mm 5- Sizes

Newbox Storage 600x400mm 9- Sizes

Newbox Storage 800x600mm

Newbox Covers with Hinges

Newbox Cover without Hinges

Newbox Label Holder

Newbox Snapping Closure

NewBox Conductive Divider

Flat Divider for Newbox

Conductive Soft foam Layer 10mm for Newbox

ESD Trolley for Newbox